Destination: Galapagos

In the short few months on my journey in travel agency ownership, I have been asked about travel t0 the Galapagos Islands — twice! I had a passing knowledge of where the island chain was (off the coast of Ecuador, South America). I also knew that Charles Darwin made some unique natural history discoveries in this place. So what’s the draw? Why do people suddenly want to go there? Why is a major cruise line (Celebrity), investing in two more vessels for island cruises? To start, the Galapagos are a living laboratory for wildlife. Half of all Blue Footed Boobies nest on the islands. Half of what? Right! That’s what I said! Abundant fearless wildlife, visitors can get up close and personal to some of the world’s rarest animals. Four foot long tortoises. The only penguins in North America. The list is endless. What are you waiting for?! The Galapagos Islands awaits your visit! Temperate climate year-round, makes this a great destination to get back to nature and walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin! Happy travels!


Author: JDTravelGroup

Independent owner and operator of JD Travel Group and Dream Vacations.

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