TSA madness solved

TSA Pre✓® is an expedited security screening program connecting travelers departing from airports within the United States with smarter security and a better air travel experience.

Passengers considered low-risk who qualify for the program can receive expedited screening either as a member of the program or another specific trusted traveler group.

The following airlines offer TSA Pre✓®:

•Air Canada
•Alaska Airlines
•Allegiant Airlines
•American Airlines
•Delta Air Lines
•Hawaiian Airlines
•JetBlue Airways
•Southwest Airlines
•Sun Country
•United Airlines
•Virgin America

Why should you join TSA Pre✓®?
•TSA Pre✓® provides trusted travelers with expedited security screening for a better travel experience.
•Plan your travel with confidence and enjoy a more predictable experience.
•It’s a convenient, more efficient security screening process.
•It’s available at more than 160 airports with 12 participating airlines.

No need to remove:
•3-1-1 liquids
•Light jackets

Apply here: https://www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck/apply

Make sure your name on the application matches your passport.

Happy travels!


Why should anyone use a travel agent?

Nowadays the average person who books a vacation is more informed and empowered to make decisions on their travels than even 3 years ago. That trend should continue due to the wealth of information a keystroke away. Even with the oodles of data, the choices and information can seem overwhelming. How can a seemingly simple task, booking a vacation, be so cumbersome? Who has the time to weed through all of the information available and drill down to the core of the details? Travel agents have the time!

Quite often a travel agent is connected to travel suppliers such as cruise lines and resorts, and can use that connection to get the best possible value for you. In addition, travel suppliers have perks and upgrades that may not be available with the usual web search methods. It’s that connection that suppliers love. Suppliers truly value relationships with agents. Travel agents are the ones that can help fill space for the supplier and at the same time give their clients more than what they would have found for themselves.

If you ask the average person why they have a go-to doctor, or a go-to insurance agency, or a go-to dentist, they’ll give you very good reasons why that’s important to them. Trust, valuable advice, integrity, and more. It’s the ease at which a travel agent can make your life so much easier, that you should flag that person as a ‘favorite’ in your phone, e-mail, Facebook, and all the other ways you save contact information. A click away. A phone call away. A trusted travel agent is standing by to put the time into planning your dream vacation so you can spend that time doing something else that you need to do like play with your kids, take your wife to dinner, plant flowers, watch the game, and more. Happy travels!

Life is short. Your bucket list awaits!

There comes a time in people’s lives when they realize they shouldn’t wait to experience all that life has to offer. Quite often when that realization hits, travel to a bucket list destination is planned shortly after. I have been one of those people. I am comfortable in saying that I have been to many of my bucket list locations but I have so many more to go. There is no better time than right now to begin planning your next “Dream Vacation” with JD Travel Group and Dream Vacations. Call 203-286-7311 or click HERE to get started because life goes by way too fast.